We Did It!

Hi everyone! I’m just writing to announce that the Three Hundred Pages writing challenge has ended. I am happy to have slid by with just over 300 pages – 302 to be exact. However, I am nowhere near the end of my novel. If any of you have encountered this same problem don’t worry. I’ve read that many first drafts are much longer than their final outcome. Just keep plugging away and soon we’ll be at the editing stage, which, I fear, is going to be much much more difficult than the fun, creative stage we’re in right now.

I’m allowing myself a short break from writing, mostly because I’m in Colorado visiting my sister and it’s difficult to lock myself away for several hours to write after driving over 1,000 miles to come and see her. The view is lovely, and is a great source of inspiration.  I’ll post again soon when I get back.

Until then, stay strong! If you’re finished, great! Give yourself a well-deserved break and come back to it in two weeks for editing. It’s always good to let things like this “soak” for a bit before ripping them apart. It will also give you a chance to live for awhile and allow you to think more objectively about your work when you return.

Happy writing!


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