Getting Back Into Reading


Being a single mother means that by the time I get around to reading a book I really want to read, one of three things usually happens:

1.) I stay up way too late reading – to the the point that no amount of green tea will make me feel like a normal human being the next day; 2.) I listen to the audiobook version so that I can clean at the same time, and end up missing major plot points because the vacuum or the running water was too loud, or 3.) I’m too tired to read and end up watching several minutes/hours of whichever TV series I’m currently obsessed with (right now it’s Sons of Anarchy. I’m on Season 2.)

I was thinking today, after one of my library patrons mentioned that she didn’t want the audiobook version of a book, because she’s trying to “get back into reading,” that maybe I should do that, too. There’s something about reading words on a page that creates a different kind of experience than is possible through any other format. I never enjoy audiobooks the way I enjoy reading a book. Audiobooks are awesome, especially for busy people, or people with long commutes, or people who, like me, feel guilty sitting around reading a book when there are things to be done. But maybe we all could benefit from taking a few minutes (or hours) out of our day to sit down with an actual book. What do you think?


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